Want to positively change the culture of your classroom, school, home, or workplace?
Looking to increase the positive energy and joy in your surroundings?
Interested in a way to sustain your thriving school/work environment?

Try growing gratitude.

Research has shown the act of practicing gratitude to be one of the most time-tested and consistent ways by which we can improve and grow our overall happiness. It's been proven to bolster positive relationships, increase resiliency, lower levels of stress and anxiety, and promote more compassionate and forgiving behaviors.  

Growing Gratitude

Our Growing Gratitude presentation is customized to fit your school or workplace and it can be done as a one time presentation or as a series of sessions for more in depth and on-going work on cultivating gratitude.  The presentation includes information on the science behind the positive effects of practicing gratitude, mindfulness techniques which help bring more awareness to moments of gratitude in our daily lives, and a variety of activities you and your team can begin practicing immediately to reshape or sustain the culture of your environment. 

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact us