Guided Practice
for adults

We currently offer an on-going once-a-week 30-minute online session (using a forum like Google Hangouts that would allow you to join via phone or computer), consisting of a 15-minute sit (meditation) and 15 minutes of questions, discussion, and additional guidance.
There will be no required sharing, just the space to check-in and share as things come up for you in your practice. We have found an online forum to be surprisingly intimate and conducive to bringing people together, to hold space for themselves and one another, from wherever they are in their daily lives. 

No experience is necessary and there is no fee to participate, as we never want this kind of learning to be cost-prohibitive to anyone. 
If you feel so inclined, donations are always appreciated and help us to continue to be able to offer self-care and well-being practices to people of all ages at little to no cost.  
            Donations can be made via PayPal to 

Given the many life-things each one of us is managing, it was important to us to design this group to be doable. Being able to attend the sessions as consistently as possible is to our own personal benefit, and benefits the group. A guided practice group provides an opportunity for us to grow in our own personal practice within a community.