raising children

Raising children is a challenging job:  non-stop, with no sick leave, paid time off, or even at times an acceptable bathroom break policy.

The responsibility of raising little humans is all at once gratifying, terrifying, enriching, and exhausting beyond measure.
To be a parent or guardian is to be a child's primary teacher.
You are the person your child looks to for cues on how to be in the world.
We want to show up every minute of everyday for them, and we want to be at our best. 
How can we increase our chances of being our best each day?

We can put our oxygen masks on first. 

Restorative practices
for parents & guardians

Our Restorative Practices for Parents & Guardians presentation is customized to fit the needs of your family or community and it can be done as a one time presentation or as a series of sessions for more in depth and on-going work on deepening our ability to offer ourselves respite.  The presentation weaves together a range of practices and skills that can be used to help caregivers restore and sustain the energy and awareness needed to raise young people, including mindfulness meditation, gratitude practices,  heartfulness and self-compassion techniques, mindful communication, and restorative yoga.

For more information or to schedule a presentation or series of sessions, please contact us.