that will be our love, that will be our work. (reflection on November 9, 2016)

and so my thoughts, as I watch this unraveling, are of what I will tell my children tomorrow. 
I will take a deep breath.
and, I will take another. 
I will tell them that there are times when love does not always appear to win. 
no matter how badly we want it, believe in it, have faith in it. 
but that does not mean it is not worth fighting for. 
with every fiber of our beings--love is worth fighting for. 
but it is more than that. 
so much more than that.
today love is worth fighting for more than ever. 
we have seen that our neighbors, our countrymen and women, are so frustrated that they are willing to vote for a man who operates from utter imbalance and hatred and ignorance. 
 love is worth fighting for.
we must fight for it. 
now, we must. 
and by love, we mean compassion, equality, and justice for all. JUSTICE. for ALL. we must invest in character not anger.
we must look to our neighbors who are different than us and embrace them because they and we are what make america great--what has always made america great; how we maintain our composure in the face of change/adversity, how we act in our daily lives are the true measure.
we must invest in thinking. 
thinking outside of ourselves, thinking about others with the intention of understanding and respecting. thinking about the decisions we make, no matter how small, thinking about how some risks are calculated and some are reckless, and about how those decisions impact those around us whether we are 8 years old or about to be president of the united states. 
we must invest in our interconnectedness.
no one exists in isolation--your homelessness, your hunger, your poverty, your suffering, your ignorance should be shouldered by me and the choices I make. every day. 
 we must invest in work.
today we must do the work:
look for love and see it more often--we must train ourselves and our media to celebrate it; 
we must build our character, as a village, we must channel our anger through the breath and balanced, just, informed, compassionate choice; 
we must always think--breathe and think--so we can respond and not react from a place that is rooted and truthful; 
we must recognize and honor our interconnectedness--this thread I hold is yours, force in any direction moves us all. 
yesterday we worked hard.
today there is so much more to do. 
and we must do the work.
it can feel overwhelming. 
In truth, I feel overwhelmed right now.
but, every time I feel the wave of overwhelm, I will stop. and take a breath. 
and I will sit next to you and stand up for you and take your hand as you stand up for and with others. 
and that breath that standing together, connected and awake and invested, that will be our love, that will be our work.

Amiee Peri