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Mindful Testing

Every year, at the onset of testing season (our least favorite time of the year), teachers are required to cover any posters or resources on their walls.  We like this to be an activity that involves the kids.  It helps create a more positive mood before testing begins.  Tear off butcher/bulletin board paper the size that you need and before putting it up, let the kids decorate it with positive messages and words of encouragement.  If you already have a daily practice of mindfulness with your kids, you'll be amazed at what they put down on paper!

mindfulness jar

Mindfulness jars have gotten very popular and for good reason!  Having one in your room provides a tangible tool for students to use when they need a minute or two to reset.  



Community gratitude boards encourage families to model gratitude

Post chart paper on your classroom door or in the hallway (any area that is accessible to families) with a gratitude prompt.  This is a great way to get families involved in practicing gratitude.