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heartfulness for ourselves

When our students practice heartfulness (loving-kindness & compassion) for themselves, they are building self-compassion. This particular template focuses on practicing heartfulness by making kind wishes for ourselves. (click on the image for a downloadable template--coming soon!)


Relating emotions to the Body: introduction

Help younger kids start to identify how their emotions feel in their bodies: when you are happy or upset, what does your body look like and feel like? A simple template allows kids to explore the connections between our emotions and our bodies, increasing their overall awareness. (click on the image for a downloadable template)


Explore how mindfulness makes us feel

Give students an opportunity to brainstorm different ways they can be mindful in the actions of their daily lives, as well as an opportunity to reflect on how those mindful acts make them feel.  Use this template to explore mindful acts for one's self and for others (click on the image for a downloadable template).