rooted in mud. mind like sky.


our story...

After years of personal meditation practice and teaching mindfulness meditation and happiness practices to students, families, and teachers within both public and private sectors, mudandskycollective was founded by Amiee Peri in 2016 to offer the practice to her home community.  

Our name alludes to two symbols held dear to us:  

mud and sky.

Mud: the most basic of elements, from which the lotus blooms, reminds us that that which is most beautiful in us--our fullest potential, our best self--can be awakened and grown from what we already have inside of us; and we can return to the most basic part of us rooted in mud when we feel lost as an anchor for reconnecting with ourselves and our truth. 

Sky: with no beginning and no end, the vastness of our awareness, the interconnectedness of ourselves to the earth and to all beings.